If you haven’t tried WIN Bubble Tea yet, you're missing out.

If you’re wondering what bubble tea is, it’s a delicious and refreshing flavored drink that contains a tea base mixed with milk (non-dairy) or fruit juice, and the chewy tapioca, a black-colored starch-based dessert also known as “Pearls” or “Boba”.

The Taiwanese drink is said to have started in Taiwan in the 1980's, garnering more attention in Southeast Asia before its rise to popularity around the world.

WIN Bubble Tea team traveled to major cities in the US, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Philippines, Canada, and Europe and had Bubble Tea drinks in every destination. In most Asian countries, bubble tea shops are next to each other, all with long queues. Competition is real!

Mr. Nguyen (pronounced as WIN), a young entrepreneur, is the owner of WIN Bubble Tea, at 3929 Nolensville Pike Nashville TN 37211, which has attracted many devoted bubble tea fans. His career in the finance industry proved to be successful, so he decided to have multiple sources of income by starting an International Nursing Recruitment Company and opening WIN Bubble Tea establishment that served his favorite beverage. These companies also gave him the opportunity to travel to different countries, more frequently to Taiwan for suppliers' meeting, product tasting, and advance training to master his craft.

In his quest for bubble drinks,  he and his team were once limited to local Asian restaurants that offered a smaller selection of bubble tea. The bubble tea market in Nashville appears to have increased during the past few years. Nashville is an international city, and there’s a lot of market for international companies and drinks. Everybody has different taste and it’s very personal, and when there’s more variety in the city, it will diversify the bubble-tea options. it’s good for the bubble tea industry.

All our ingredients are imported from Taiwan. Our famous concept is the Topping Bar, where bubble tea lovers choose, mix and match their own toppings. Also, Individual tea bags are freshly steeped in our espresso machine. Our hand-picked selections of tea create an ideal base for our drinks. We have classic milk teas as well as different favored pearls, which is known as popping boba. We also offer non-dairy alternatives, and our packaging is super Instagram-worthy!

WIN Bubble Tea offers a range of milk teas, fruit teas, and slush series. We introduce new flavors from time to time. We get feedback from our customers, so we adjust to what they like and what they don’t like. That’s the good part about owning your business: you are more flexible and you don’t have big corporations that control you. Our drinks come in an array of flavors and combinations, which range from classic milk tea slush to tropical fruit tea with toppings like tapioca, popping boba, jelly, pudding, and cream cap. 

One of our most popular menu choices is the Taro Milk Tea, which is also the top seller worldwide, a blend of Taro (a root similar to a sweet potato), milk (non-dairy creamer), and freshly steeped special green tea with tapioca. 

We cook tapioca a certain amount per batch each time and it takes about 2 hours to cook. It needs to be served it within a certain time period. It is what makes these drinks special, the addition of tapioca balls. The starch-based dessert is soft, chewy and sweet, elevating the experience of the Asian-originated drink.

What's great about WIN Bubble Tea Shop, you can customize your own drinks by mixing flavors and choosing your sweetness and ice options. 

WIN Bubble Tea is in the process of opening several other stores. The

WIN BUBBLE TEA DUBLIN is located at 46-49 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin D01 NR70, Ireland. 

Grand Opening in Dublin, Ireland was on October 26, 2019. 

 WIN BUBBLE TEA NASHVILLE is located at 3929 Nolensville Pike, Nashville TN 37211

 Our Nashville location has a large seating area, playroom, study/private room, comfy & cozy furniture area where you can play board games, connect to Wi-fi or simply chill and have fun while drinking bubble tea with your family & friends.  A modern young feel but warm, inviting, welcoming and familiar place for people to connect, stay & work, hang out, grab & go, curbside service (wait in your car), home/office delivery by Postmates, GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, EZ Cater and Online Ordering through our new WIN Bubble Tea App (Download on App Store & Google Play). Note: Google Play - search WinBubbleTea (no spaces).


WIN BUBBLE WAFFLES are crazy fun and amazingly delicious. Crispy on the outside with soft waffle bubbles, like an egg waffle, almost custard-tasting. This highly photogenic and Instagram worthy delicacy can be served for breakfast, lunch, or made into completely fun snacks. 

WIN HOTDOG WAFFLES are delicious waffles on a stick. Red Velvet Blast and Cinnamon Bun that are great with cream cheese to the S’mores on a Stick. Don't forget our Belgian Waffle flavor and our delicious savory Waffle  Dog and Waffle Pizza. 

We have the most unique waffle flavors available. You can't beat the price or quality of WIN BUBBLE WAFFLES & Hotdog Waffles! 


If you've been to Paris, you've probably noticed there are many Croissants in each neighborhood and every few city blocks. 

You don’t have to go to Paris to try a genuine croissant that crumbles in your hands and when you chew it you can feel the distinctive sound of crispy outer layers melting with the soft, buttery inner layers in an inimitable, perfect mouthful. 

French colonists might have introduced coffee to Vietnam, but the strong aroma and flavorful cup of Cà Phê soon became a local habit. Vietnamese coffee has developed a style of its own, with  variations of hot, iced, slush, and shaken. 

WIN Bubble Tea serves freshly baked Butter Croissants and Chocolate Croissants made by a French baker Little Gourmand. 
Pair it with a Vietnamese Filtered Coffee. 
It becomes the perfect combination!

Back by popular demand (Limited Time Offer):
Snow Shaved Ice is flavored ice that is shaved razor thin. It starts out as a block of ice and then the Snow Ice Machine, with a very sharp blade, shaves the flavored ice into tiny strips of “snow creamy bites that melts-in-your-mouth!  You can then top it with whatever you want, condensed milk, chocolate or caramel sauce, tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly, mochi, etc. It is a frozen dessert that is like a hybrid of Shaved Ice and Ice Cream. It’s called snow ice because of it’s fluffy consistency. Shaved Snow is already infused with flavor, but it pairs exceptionally well with toppings.

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